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Business Cards


Business Card Design

Once you have a logo for your business, you are not done unless you have an esthetically pleasing business card design. Your business card is like a mini advertisement for your company and will grab the attention of your customers with the right layout.


If you overlook the importance of having a professional business card designed, you could be sending the wrong message to your prospective client. Building a positive brand image will be cheap if you do it from the start. Make your clients take a double take when you give them your “super cool” professionally designed business card.


Once you have your logo designed, the business card is relatively simple and shouldn’t take a lot of time. The organization of the information is what’s most important on the business card. It should be easy to read and find information. You will need to decide what is most important and not include every contact number or title you may have, remember not to clutter things up. There is also size and shape to consider. While 3.5”x 2” is still the most common size for business cards, there are round, square and die-cut business cards. You must be willing to trade convenience for memorability if you choose an unconventional shape or size. Don’t forget the back! There is valuable real estate on the back of the card…use it! Go ahead and put a list of services on the back or just emphasize your brand with your logo, but don’t leave the back of your card blank.


The bottom line is to think what it is you like and dislike about other people’s business cards. Are you frustrated when you can’t find the information that you need? Is the type too small to read, or the font hard to decipher? Do cheap cards make you think less of the person or business they represent? Is it hard to figure out whose card it is or what company they work for?


We wont make these mistakes when designing your business card. Your card will be a positive reflection of both you and your business, and will shine above your competition.


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