brochures & print design

Brochures • sales sheets • folders • booklets •  forms • ads • window signage
Below are just some of the print design I can help you with.

gate fold brochure design


Origin yacht was making its debut and needed a high end brochure to showcase what was going to be a premium-class experience through the Galapagos Islands. This three panel, full color brochure utilizes a unique horizontal layout.

business communications flyer

two sided flyer

This phone service company was in need of a simple two sided flyer to outline their services to the sales team. I was able to take elements from their logo and incorporate that into the piece, making it cohesive with the brand.

cover and folder design

covers & folder

While freelancing at USAllianz, I was able to design prospectus covers, contract folders, and other sales materials. These examples show what can be done with a two color design, using imagery, fonts, colors, and a striking layout.

Bank booklets


I helped in the design and layout of these investing booklets. The idea was to create several booklets to simplify different topics for the customer. They are teaching tools for the bank and have a simple layout with worksheets to help the customer understand the process.

Rack card design

rack card

This local massage therapist wanted a rack card that she could leave at the counter for her customers to take. I outlined her three services on the front and her prices on the back. With the ability of printing low quantities, the prices can be changed with little cost.

Spa booklet

spa booklet

This is a sixteen-page booklet outlining the different hair and spa services provided. I was able to keep the booklet small so that it’s easily kept by the client and it also holds a business card or gift card. The two sections are identified by their background color.

Insurance brochure design

tri-fold brochure

An independent insurance broker needed a takeaway to give her customers information about the new insurance options. I created this cost effective tri-fold brochure with a soothing color pallet and well organized information.

Magnet school brochure

school flyer

I created this eight-panel flyer for a magnet school. They wanted a fun look that outlined the curriculum for each grade level. With colorful graphics, photos, and a thoughtful layout, I gave them what they wanted.

Advertisement design


The wedding market is hot…especially in the spring. Perfect Wedding Guide wanted postcards and ads for their mailing list and magazine. They were able to provide me with the images and text and I created the eye-popping layout.

DVD logo & cover design

dvd covers

Tai chi instructor wanted DVD cover designs for his two workout videos. I designed the logo that you see along with the covers themselves. Incorporating simple, soothing colors with appropriate photography really makes these work.

business brochure


This is a tri-fold brochure for a business consulting company. I was called to make a visually pleasing brochure that was very text intensive. I was able to utilize shape, color, and photos to make it what the customer was looking for.

Window poster

window graphics

This franchise was looking to attract attention for their upcoming classes with a large format window poster. This layout speaks to the audience and gives the reader some key information at a glance. 


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